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Empower Your Practice with BEARS Software

As an allied health professional, you’re attuned to the challenges many of your clients face - from concussions, brain injuries, strokes, illnesses, brain fog, or mental health concerns. If you’re struggling to find a support tool to help your clients with cognitive challenges or are looking to align the continuum of care without having to turn to other providers for capacity building, we invite you to seize the opportunity to lead the charge in transformative care.


When you license our innovative Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS) software, you access revolutionary technology that gives you the tools and resources needed to tap into the remarkable potential of brain-changing neuroplastic programming all in one place. It’s all done through a user-friendly platform that’s easy to set up and managed directly through your clinic, helping you seamlessly deliver an evidence-based, individualized program that helps clients do much more than just compensate for cognitive difficulties - It can increase their capacity to thrive.



Realize your clinics full potential

The Game-Changing Solution You've Been Missing

It’s hard to meet everyone’s needs while using multiple systems. BEARS empowers you to provide neuroplastic programs in-house, reducing the need to refer outside your clinic and seizing every opportunity to further extend your impact and your client’s potential

Cognitive Care Reimagined

Gone are the days of labour-intensive traditional programs, with limited outcomes. Our innovative technology simplifies cognitive programs, making it both efficient and effective for you, your team, and your clients

Reliable Outcomes

Informed by clinical research BEARS ensures the most effective programing for each clients needs

Streamlined Efficiency

Aligning assessment with program planning empowers your clinic to provide personalized neuroplastic programming efficiently and reliably

Real-Time Tracking

Keep tabs on every client's progress, right from the start and throughout the program. This boosts engagement and helps you make faster clinical choices

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Knowledge drives innovation, which is why we’re pushing the boundaries of brain health with 40+ years of in-depth
research and exploration.

Click the link below to explore key findings that shape our successful approach.


Client-Centric Excellence


Increase Volume

The BEARS system allows clinicians to interact effectively with a broader spectrum of individuals.

Improve Profitability

By providing on-site and virtual care, BEARS may expand the scope of services while reducing labour expenses.

Rate of Return-to-Work

With a 77% return-to-work rate seen in individuals who use BEARS, you could help your clients increase their chances of returning to work and finding hope for a better future.

90% Improved Quality of Life

Clinics using BEARS report a remarkable 90% of their clients experience improvement in overall quality-of-life metrics, reflecting our commitment to high-quality care and cultivating a lasting, positive impact on the lives we serve.

98% Customer Satisfaction

We are a service-focused company. Prioritizing and meeting your needs is our top priority.

Cognitive Improvements

Focusing on core cognitive functions – attention, concentration, learning, and memory – BEARS participants reported noticeable improvements in their overall cognitive function and return to daily activities.

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